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Mark Loehrke

Mark Loehrke
Throughout my career, I've covered a huge range of topics – from asset-liability management to up-and-coming jazz artists. I know what it takes to sell an idea, and I write content that informs and entertains in equal measure.

My Recent Posts:

Invigorate Your Inbound with These Blogging Best Practices

Mar 29, '16 / by Mark Loehrke posted in Blogging

How do you get customers to seek out your business? That is both the defining notion and the ongoing challenge of an inbound marketing strategy.

Why Email Marketing Still Works and How to Send Better Emails

Mar 2, '16 / by Mark Loehrke posted in Email Marketing

Let’s face it, in the age of social media, email marketing feels like your father’s Oldsmobile.

It’s a dial-up modem. An AOL disc. A flip phone.

With so much shiny new technology coming out every other week, email is...