Buyer’s Journey Template

Easily map out each step in the buyer’s journey 

To create content that truly resonates with potential customers, it’s important you understand the journey people take to become your customers in the first place.

But mapping the buyer’s journey can be a challenge and even downright confusing if you don’t know where to start. That’s why we put together this buyer’s journey template – to guide you through the process of mapping the buyer’s journey so you can create better, more strategic content that aligns with the questions your personas are asking.

In this template, you’ll get three spreadsheets:

  • A buyer’s journey map
  • Buyer’s journey questions
  • Content offer planning

Use these spreadsheets to better understand your buyers’ path to purchase, so you can tailor an inbound marketing strategy that addresses your buyers’ needs at every stage of their journey.

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Map the Buyer's Journey