Beth Carter Beth Carter

Founder and Chief Strategist


I love to write. I’m also a total grammar freak and a bit of a Type A personality, too. And I passionately believe that conversational, approachable and insightful content can help my clients solve real problems for their customers and make a real difference in the world.

Throughout my career, I’ve written marketing communications for companies of every size, from Aon Corporation to Zano Hair Salon. I also bring a strong business and analytics background, with a Master of Public Policy from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Michigan State University. As a result, I excel at breaking down large quantities of data and connecting the dots, so that we can tell the right story in the right way.

When I’m not dreaming up new ways to share information with impact, you can find me enjoying family time at our lake house in Michigan (if it’s summertime), cross-country skiing (if it’s wintertime), or taking long hikes with our dog (anytime).

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Christina Bockisch, Inbound Marketing SpecialistChristina Bockisch

Inbound Marketing Specialist


As a lifelong writer, I stumbled upon inbound marketing accidentally. After my first job at a marketing agency, I fell in love with all things inbound and HubSpot.

I’m passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals – whether that involves helping them show up in search engines, generate more of the right leads or nurture existing customers into brand evangelists.

I consider myself equal parts creative and analytical. I absolutely love writing helpful and engaging content for my clients, but I have just as much fun analyzing the data, celebrating our wins and seeing what we can do better next time.

When I’m not writing content or building out a client’s inbound strategy, you can find me spending time with my dog, participating in mud runs or baking cookies in my kitchen.

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Julia Byrd, Content StrategistJulia Byrd

Content Writer


I’ve been a writer since elementary school, where I “published” handmade reference books for the school library. My passion now is writing customized, targeted content for clients who appreciate the power of the written word. Over the past 20 years, I’ve been a copyeditor for an international brokerage firm, a technical writer for a government contractor, an in-house sales and marketing writer for an event planning firm, and a freelance copywriter serving a wide range of businesses.

Great content works wonders, engaging readers and encouraging them to take action. I truly enjoy creating that content with Clariant Creative, as we help clients develop strategic messages that help them reach new markets and pave the way for growth.

When I’m not writing, this recent Texas transplant is learning to say “y’all” in the right context. I also enjoy spending time exploring our new home state with my husband, two kids and Carolina Dog.


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Krista Elliott, Content WriterKrista Elliott

Inbound Marketing Specialist


If I had a quarter for every time someone said, "You have SUCH a way with words," I’d be sitting on my own private beach right now. From my early days as a kid reading Archie comics to my work today, the written word has always been my passion.

After a decade in public relations and communications, I shifted to copywriting and content marketing. I’ve since written everything from Very Serious Business Copy for SaaS companies to blogs exploring the cultural and biological underpinnings of earwax.

At Clariant Creative, I love exploring the psychology of clients’ target markets and figuring out what emotions cause them to take action, and then creating the copy and content that speaks to the brain and the heart.

My home base is a teeeeny-tiny fishing village in Nova Scotia, and when I’m not writing, I can be found playing my fiddle, hanging out with my family, or geeking out to all things Star Wars.

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Haley Kalejs, Marketing Outreach CoordinatorHaley Kalejs

Marketing Outreach Coordinator


In middle school, we were asked to pick a future career that interested us: I chose marketing. Fast forward eight years, and I’m now studying marketing at the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business. I’m continually fascinated by this field, and I’m eager to learn more.

At Clariant Creative, I help us expand our brand awareness by connecting influencers with our thought leadership content and by connecting bloggers and journalists with our subject matter experts. On campus in Iowa City, I’m actively involved in Greek life, and I serve as the public relations chair for my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. I’m also on the leadership committee for Dance Marathon, a student organization that to date has raised more than $21 million for youth cancer patients.

When I’m not busy studying at the library, you can find me spending time with friends, getting coffee or cheering on the Hawkeyes at football games.


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Laura Swords, Lead DesignerLaura Swords

Lead Designer


I started my career designing and maintaining websites over 20 years ago. Shortly after receiving my Marketing degree from Loyola University in Chicago, I was hired as a graphic designer for a small company. I soon found myself in the role of webmaster, at which point I taught myself how to code. Although I've always considered myself the creative type, I discovered I have a real knack for the technical side of marketing as well.

This means I’m able to look at all perspectives as I help clients create a unified, impactful presence across their branding, website, content, social media and more. My favorite moment is introducing an idea that might not have occurred to the client – and that hits a home run for us.

When I’m not busy designing and developing, I’m probably heading off to hot yoga, taking my dogs for a walk, or watching a Cubs or Blackhawks game with my husband and two daughters.


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