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Inbound Marketing Success Stories

We're fiercely proud of the results we've helped our clients achieve.

We work hard to be the kind of business we'd like to do business with – and as a result, the relationships we've built with our clients are nothing short of spectacular.

Read on to see how we've helped our clients do big things. If you're ready to find our what big things we can help you do too, contact us today, and let's get started!

Here's how we've helped our clients


ClearSale Closes Inbound Leads 67% Faster

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It's not easy to enter a new market, particularly when you're an unknown brand and the existing competition is fierce. Although ClearSale is the market leader for e-commerce merchant fraud protection in Brazil (where the company is globally headquartered), they sought to enter the lucrative but highly competitive U.S. market. Armed with a new office in Miami and a new English-language website, ClearSale needed to make a big entrance, quickly.


ClearSale went all-in on inbound. To ensure the most comprehensive strategy, we collaborated with a network of partner agencies — including a PR agency, a digital advertising agency, and an inbound sales agency.

Our combined efforts spanned a range of areas, including search engine optimization (SEO), twice-weekly blogging, case studies, conversion-focused content offers, public relations outreach, and paid search marketing. Automated lead nurturing campaigns help ClearSale maintain conversations with leads who download their content, while the inbound sales team actively guides these leads through the buying journey to become customers.


ClearSale has become a sales-generating powerhouse, with inbound marketing eclipsing all other channels in converting leads into customers.


67% fewer days needed to close inbound leads

167% better conversion rate for inbound vs offline leads

95% of clients originate from the website


"We love that Clariant Creative is flexible and easy to work with. We have a very small in-house team, and they're always able to change gears quickly and help us with whatever we might need."
– Sarah Elizabeth Zilenovski, Marketing Director, ClearSale

Inbound Marketing Boosts WellRight's Website Traffic by 137%

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Chicago-based WellRight delivers corporate wellness programs that help keep employees healthy, happy, and productive. What makes WellRight so special is the unique way in which their programs are structured, making them extremely holistic, flexible and engaging. And yet, in this highly competitive space filled with lookalike vendors, WellRight needed to differentiate itself, build brand awareness, and establish a reputation as a thought leader in corporate wellness.


Inbound marketing offered the perfect approach to help WellRight achieve these goals. We immediately helped WellRight build out a comprehensive strategy to tell a more cohesive brand story that would resonate with their three core buyer personas. Our strategy included consistent blogging, engaging webinars led by industry key opinion leaders, and persona-driven content campaigns.

To enable WellRight’s small marketing team to leverage the power of marketing automation, we helped them transition onto the HubSpot platform. We then led a website redesign to shine a spotlight on WellRight’s unique brand value and to encourage visitors to engage with our content more thoroughly.


Inbound marketing has not only helped differentiate WellRight, it has dramatically enhanced the way WellRight interacts with prospective clients—and the company is now converting more leads, more quickly. To the delight of their CEO, in just five months after launching this new strategy, their inbound content has generated 417 new leads and has influenced 14 new deals.


137% increase in website visits

34% overall landing page conversion rate

75% fewer days needed to close inbound leads


"Clariant Creative helps our small marketing team accomplish so much more than we could on our own. They not only help us stay on top of all the day-to-day activities of inbound marketing, but more importantly, they bring us great ideas and best practices every day."
– Lynn Zimmerman, Vice President of Marketing, WellRight

Niche Campaign Lands bowbridge 36 Leads in 2 Months

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Germany-based bowbridge Software is a global leader in a niche category: SAP cybersecurity. Its target market is extremely conservative, notoriously skeptical of traditional marketing, and often blithely unaware of their need for bowbridge’s solution. Selling, therefore, requires carefully educating potential customers. But before any education can take place, bowbridge must first find and reach their target audience, which is no easy task in this relatively narrow market.


Because buyers in this space prefer hard data over fluffy marketing, bowbridge launched a major research project to quantify the cybersecurity risks associated with certain SAP applications. The result was a treasure trove of eye-opening statistics.

We compiled the data, plus expert commentary, into a comprehensive white paper available for download on bowbridge’s website. A carefully planned inbound marketing and public relations campaign (which we executed in collaboration with a partner PR agency) drove traffic to the website via influencer outreach, email marketing, blogging, and paid social media advertising.


This highly targeted campaign generated a significant number of leads for the small company in just two months. We have also created considerable brand awareness for bowbridge in the media, which now provides us with a foundation for ongoing outreach to complement our inbound marketing activities.


58% spike in overall website traffic

14 new inbound links to the bowbridge website

36 targeted new leads


"Clariant Creative quickly learned our specialized, high-tech industry, which isn't easy to do. They've built consistency and quality into our marketing, and we love working with them."

– Jörg Schneider-Simon, CTO, bowbridge Software