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Monica Guzman

Monica Guzman
I believe that good storytelling – crafting content that actually speaks to an audience – requires humor, vulnerability, verve and voice. As a writer, artist and entrepreneur, I most enjoy working with those who eschew fear of the unconventional!

My Recent Posts:

Five Free Fonts* to Garnish Your Web Design

Apr 18, '16 / by Monica Guzman posted in Inbound Websites

And How to Use Them for Flavor and Presentation

SEOMG: 10 SEO Best Practices to Improve Your Keyword Rankings

Mar 14, '16 / by Monica Guzman posted in SEO

You're going to have to learn some SEO basics if you want to please the Almighty Internet Gods  unless you're willing to make a sacrifice on an altar of onyx sprinkled with unicorn tears (or...

Crafting Vivid Buyer Personas to Illuminate Your Marketing Strategy

Mar 8, '16 / by Monica Guzman posted in Strategy

Your business has a narrative, and you’re the story’s protagonist (the lead character). In this story, you're on a quest to provide a product or service to people. So, who are these people?