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Inbound Marketing Strategy

To get the right results, you need the right plan.

Inbound Marketing Strategy Your marketing strategy should be based on knowledge and insights, not hunches and guesses. At Clariant Creative, real-world data drives everything we do.

We carefully define every target, metric and process, so you know exactly where you are going and how we plan to take you there.

Our comprehensive strategy process includes: 


Market Research

Who is your competition?

To understand how to position your brand, we need to understand the market in which you compete. We clarify where you are today, where your competitors are, and where the potential in your market truly lies.

Buyer Research

Who are your clients?

Your marketing isn’t about you; it’s about your buyers. As we dig deep into your target audience and their stakeholders, our research might include interviews with your sales team, account managers, corporate leadership – and even your clients.

Path to Purchase

How do clients find you?

We map out every step your buyers take to find you and buy from you – from the moment they realize they have a problem, to the moment they choose your solution and beyond. 

Metrics and Benchmarks

How will we measure success?

A strategy without metrics is really just a wish list – and who has time for that? We work with you to identify the major business goals you need to achieve. Once we know what success looks like, we define how we will validate our results.

Your Game Plan for Success

How will we move your brand forward?

The outcome of our research is a documented inbound marketing strategy. This written plan will clarify:

  • Where you are now
  • Where you want to go
  • How we plan to get you there
  • How we’ll know you’ve arrived

Each step of the way, we define the dates, targets, metrics and processes that will take your brand where it needs to go.

Together, we move your brand forward with confidence.

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