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Lizzy Mander

Lizzy Mander
Marketing has been a passion since taking a few marketing classes at my high school. I knew I wanted to further explore the marketing field in real life and am excited at the opportunity to work with the Clariant Creative team. I am learning the ins and outs of inbound marketing through HubSpot certifications, exposure to clients, mentorship from Clariant Creative’s Inbound Marketing Specialists, and even by creating my own campaign.

My Recent Posts:

How to Get the Most out of a Business Networking Event

Aug 19, '19 / by Lizzy Mander posted in Strategy

Networking: Everyone has their own opinion on it. Regardless if you love it or hate it, networking is important to any marketer’s success. Through networking, you can develop a new skill set, stay...

5 Instagram Tips & Tricks to Help Grow Your Business Profile

Jul 31, '19 / by Lizzy Mander posted in Content Marketing, Social Media

B2B companies just aren’t a good fit for Instagram, right?

Not so fast …

According to Hootsuite, more than one billion people use Instagram every month – making it the fastest-growing social media...