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What Are Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters? (And Why You Need Both)

May 11, '18 / by Christina Bockisch posted in Content Marketing, Strategy

It’s no secret search is changing. Just when you thought you understood everything about SEO, everything is different – again.

Part of what’s driving this change is that Google has gotten smarter with their search...

SEO Blog Optimization Tips: Should You Reoptimize Old Posts?

May 5, '18 / by Christina Bockisch posted in Content Marketing, SEO, Strategy

Even the pros occasionally hit a few foul balls.

A few months ago ­– although we’re an inbound marketing agency that specializes in creating outstanding, search-engine-friendly content – we noticed several of our...

Content Marketing ROI: How to Measure the Success of Your Content

Apr 12, '18 / by Christina Bockisch posted in Marketing ROI, Content Marketing

You’ve written optimized blog posts, created highly-targeted content offers and have a lead nurturing strategy in place. But is all of this paying off and adding revenue to your business’s bottom line?

Odds are, you...

Content With Purpose: How to Align Content to the Buyer’s Journey

Mar 9, '18 / by Krista Elliott posted in Content Marketing, Strategy

My husband and I both bought jeans last week.

I did a ton of research online, looking to see what cut would be most flattering to my shape. Then, once I decided what style I wanted, I looked around to compare...

16 Can’t-Miss Tools for Developing New Content Ideas

Mar 2, '18 / by Julia Byrd posted in Content Marketing, Blogging

Just last week (and the week before that and the week before that), you were working hard on writing blog posts that will attract visitors to your site and convert them into leads. Mission accomplished. Fast-forward...

A 5-Step Guide to Conducting a Full Content Audit for Your Website

Feb 23, '18 / by Christina Bockisch posted in Content Marketing, Strategy


If you’re like many companies, content marketing is a critical part of your inbound marketing strategy. But before you move forward and start building out your strategy, it’s important you take a step back and...

Content Marketing for Boring Industries: 5 Tips for Writing Engaging Content

Feb 9, '18 / by Christina Bockisch posted in Content Marketing, Blogging

Author and humor columnist Dave Barry once acknowledged his fear of covering a stock-car race. His idea of how he might cover such a race went something like this: “The red car was in front. Then the blue car passed...

How High-Value Content Lets You Do More With Less

Jan 19, '18 / by Krista Elliott posted in Content Marketing

Content, content, content, content, content. These days, everybody and their dog is trying to boost their business by writing blog posts. And many businesses subscribe to the philosophy that the more content they...

Why Every Business Needs to Develop a Content Style Guide Today

Jan 12, '18 / by Julia Byrd posted in Content Marketing, Strategy

It’s not uncommon for a business to realize there’s a big difference between what they intend to say about their brand and what they actually communicate. Or for them to notice that the marketing department’s...

INBOUND17 Recap: 5 Key Takeaways for Copywriters and Content Marketers

Oct 27, '17 / by Christina Bockisch posted in Content Marketing, Strategy

INBOUND 2017 came and went in what felt like five seconds – even though it covered three and a half days of inbound marketing knowledge bombs, inspiring keynotes and new HubSpot product announcements. And it didn’t...

8 Weapons-Grade Tricks That Boost Your Persuasive Copywriting Power

Oct 20, '17 / by Christina Bockisch posted in Content Marketing, Blogging

In marketing, the words you choose (and how you use them) determine how people respond to your content. Your words determine whether people read the entire landing page or blog, whether they act and fill out a form...

Is the HubSpot Certification for Content Marketing Worth the Effort?

Jul 29, '17 / by Christina Bockisch posted in HubSpot, Content Marketing

In the fast-paced world of inbound marketing, it’s critical to keep your skills sharp and new ideas coming. One of the best resources for doing this is the HubSpot Academy – an online collection of video training and...