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Krista Elliott

Krista Elliott
I’m a content and copy writer with over a decade of experience in communications and public relations. I love to write compelling content that disarms, informs, and creates that “Oh my gosh, they totally get me!” moment.

My Recent Posts:

4 Habits of Highly Productive Marketing Teams

Nov 18, '20 / by Krista Elliott posted in Content Marketing

Working at maximum productivity can be a challenge for marketing teams in the best of times. During the pandemic, many marketing teams are also trying to navigate remote work for the first time while...

How to Use LinkedIn Ads: An Expert's Advice

Nov 21, '19 / by Krista Elliott posted in Strategy, Social Media

In the last few years, LinkedIn has come into its own. Its steady growth rate in the past decade has resulted in a complete change in how this platform is viewed, going from a (rarely visited) place...

How to Write Great Blog Introductions and Cure Writer’s Block Forever

Aug 22, '19 / by Krista Elliott posted in Content Marketing, Blogging

What’s more intimidating than an angry Dwayne Johnson holding a baseball bat?

A blank page.

Scores of perfectly capable, talented writers have sat down with a fantastic idea for a blog, only to see...

4 Steps for a Re-Engagement Email Strategy to Thaw a Frozen List

May 18, '18 / by Krista Elliott posted in Email Marketing

A big part of content marketing involves sharing your content with your mailing list. And it’s a solid tactic: Sending helpful, targeted content to a subscriber list is a great way to turn casual...

Content With Purpose: How to Align Content to the Buyer’s Journey

Mar 9, '18 / by Krista Elliott posted in Content Marketing, Strategy

My husband and I both bought jeans last week.

I did a ton of research online, looking to see what cut would be most flattering to my shape. Then, once I decided what style I wanted, I looked around...

How High-Value Content Lets You Do More With Less

Jan 19, '18 / by Krista Elliott posted in Content Marketing

Content, content, content, content, content. These days, everybody and their dog is trying to boost their business by writing blog posts. And many businesses subscribe to the philosophy that the more...

Storytelling and SEO: How Telling Tales Gets You Found (and Remembered)

Dec 8, '17 / by Krista Elliott posted in SEO

Today’s marketing is incredibly data-driven. We analyze buyer personas right down to their toenails, scrutinize every step in their buyer’s journey and comb over SEO reports to see what web searches...

Think B2B Companies Can’t Market on Facebook? Think Again.

Nov 27, '17 / by Krista Elliott posted in Strategy, Social Media

It’s where you get in political arguments with your mother’s cousin, share quizzes about which character from Game of Thrones you would be (I’m Brienne of Tarth!) and post photos of everything from...

Are Your Emails a Dud? Learn the Secrets to Email Marketing Success

Nov 10, '17 / by Krista Elliott posted in Email Marketing

Email marketing has been “dead” more times than rock music. And yet, like Keith Richards, it stubbornly sticks around. Why? Because it works. When it comes to ROI, email marketing blows every other...

Understanding SEO: How to Optimize Your Content for Search Engines

May 30, '17 / by Krista Elliott posted in SEO

When it comes to being found online, page one of Google is where you need to be. In fact, 95% of all search traffic never goes further than that first page.


And with page one only being so long...

How to Write Killer Blog Titles Your Readers Can’t Resist

May 20, '17 / by Krista Elliott posted in Content Marketing, Strategy, Blogging

When it comes to blogging, it’s easy to feel like you’re in the middle of a huge crowd, with everybody screaming at the top of their lungs. And all you want is for your own voice to be heard, too.