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Neil Hayes

Neil Hayes
Neil Hayes was an author and award-winning journalist before moving into business-and-marketing writing. He wrote the best-selling book "When the Game Stands Tall," which was made into a major-motion picture in 2014, and has co-authored two other books.

My Recent Posts:

What the NFL and WWII Bombers Can Teach Us About Marketing Metrics

Feb 4, '19 / by Neil Hayes posted in Marketing ROI

Editor's Note: Please enjoy this blog post originally published in May 2016 by our guest author, novelist and former Chicago Sun-Times journalist Neil Hayes.


Quote: "There are three kinds of...

What Political Campaigns Can Teach Us About Sales and Marketing Alignment

Oct 24, '16 / by Neil Hayes posted in Strategy

"There are so many similarities between a start-up venture and a political campaign – the rhythm, the tempo, the hours and the intensity" Former press secretary in Bill Clinton’s administration

7 Ways to Make Your Email Pop-Ups More Effective (and Less Annoying)

Sep 26, '16 / by Neil Hayes posted in Marketing ROI, Strategy

It ranks with selfie sticks, car alarms and karaoke machines. You know it has reserved a place of honor in the Museum of the Most Annoying when the inventor apologizes for it, as Ron Carlson did...

How to Write Fast Under Pressure

Sep 6, '16 / by Neil Hayes posted in Content Marketing, Blogging

If you’re a writer, you’ve heard the question: Do you ever get writer’s block?

How to Write a Pitch That Editors Will Love: Insider Tips

Aug 10, '16 / by Neil Hayes posted in PR and Media

Without publicity, a terrible thing happens … nothing,” P.T. Barnum.

The excitement in her voice suggested the scoop of the century. My experience as a journalist for 12 years suggested otherwise.

Got a Boring Topic? Turn It into Must-Read Content Marketing

Jul 28, '16 / by Neil Hayes posted in Content Marketing, Blogging

Author and humor columnist Dave Barry once acknowledged his fear of covering a stock-car race. I’m paraphrasing here, but his idea of how he might cover such a race went something like this: “The...

Gated Content: When to Put Your Premium Content Behind a Form

Jun 22, '16 / by Neil Hayes posted in Content Marketing, Inbound Websites

You’re a big believer in content marketing and well aware of the standard practice of placing premium content behind an opt-in form on a landing page. But should this always be the case?

6 Public Speaking Tips to Help You Give a Presentation That Rocks

Jun 17, '16 / by Neil Hayes posted in Strategy

You’re at ease mingling with colleagues at the chamber of commerce mixer, chattering happily about business. But standing in front of an audience? That’s a whole different ballgame.

If you’ve ever...

Building Your Best Content Marketing Team: How Hungry Is Your Talent?

May 17, '16 / by Neil Hayes posted in Strategy

“Creating a team is bigger, tougher and more elusive than any opponent we will ever face,” legendary high school football coach Bob Ladouceur.

Email Segmentation Tips: Strategies for Improving Your Email Marketing

May 11, '16 / by Neil Hayes posted in Email Marketing

I’m currently reading five books. Fiction, non-fiction, self-help. I’ve got one for every mood. I read whatever appeals to the frame of mind I’m in at any moment on any given day.

I fold a piece...

Eureka! 6 Easy Ways to Come Up With New Blog Post Ideas

May 6, '16 / by Neil Hayes posted in Blogging

During my journalism days, I often heard editors say they wanted to hire “a great writer,” which always annoyed me. Maybe that’s because I never considered myself a great writer, or because I...