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Susannah Noel

Susannah Noel
Susannah Noel is a guest author for Clariant Creative and the cofounder of Noel Editorial and Editorial Arts Academy. In addition to editing books and teaching others how to succeed as an editor, she's a copywriter specializing in financial services and health. She lives in Montpelier, VT. Read more about Susannah at susannahnoel.com.

My Recent Posts:

Creating Your Content Brand Voice: 4 Tips from a Professional Editor

Jan 21, '19 / by Susannah Noel posted in Strategy

I crave grammar. I make a study of punctuation. I swoon at spelling bees.

I detest comma splices and abhor the use of single quotes when double are called for. I’ve never encountered a situation...

8 Best Online Competitive Analysis Tools to Keep Tabs on Your Rivals

Aug 20, '16 / by Susannah Noel posted in SEO, Strategy

You work hard to develop content, attract leads and convert new clients.

Unfortunately, so does your competition.

That’s why it’s smart to keep track of what they’re doing. With the right approach to...

A Simple Hack to Write Thought Leadership Content That's Irresistible

Aug 11, '16 / by Susannah Noel posted in Content Marketing

Thought leadership content is vital to your overall content strategy. Publishing an article on a controversial or cutting-edge topic in an online publication establishes you as an authority in your...

Social Media Strategy: How to Find Your Target Audience (7-Step Guide)

Jul 23, '16 / by Susannah Noel posted in Social Media

As a business owner looking for clients on social media, you might feel like Marlin, the bereft father of a little lost clownfish in the Disney Pixar film Finding Nemo.

Just like Marlin found Nemo...

Brand Storytelling: How Fiction Bestsellers Add Sizzle to Stories

Jun 30, '16 / by Susannah Noel posted in Content Marketing, Blogging

Through my years of editing fiction, I’ve always relished the writing techniques that make books fun to read. As a marketing copywriter, though, I’ve wondered how to make my content even half as...

5 Ways an Editorial Style Guide Benefits Your Writing

Jun 3, '16 / by Susannah Noel posted in Strategy

As a copyeditor of hundreds of books and dozens of websites, I rely heavily on the editorial style guide. A style guide provides a set of rules for grammar, spelling, punctuation and usage. It’s...

How Voice Search Is Changing SEO and Content Marketing

May 3, '16 / by Susannah Noel posted in SEO

It started with Siri. Then came Google Now, with Microsoft’s Cortana joining the mix soon after. It’s called voice search, and it has the potential to completely transform the world of SEO.


3 Simple SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Traffic and ROI

Apr 27, '16 / by Susannah Noel posted in Marketing ROI, SEO

Let’s be honest: search engine optimization (SEO) is complicated and tedious, and you don’t always know if it’s actually helping your business. Hours spent optimizing this and backlinking that might...

3 Personal Branding Strategies for Consultants

Apr 26, '16 / by Susannah Noel posted in Strategy

As a marketer, you might be thrilled that your professional service firm is made up of expert consultants. But all the internal expertise in the world won’t matter if you can’t translate their...

Want to Boost Website Conversion Rates? Focus on the Buyer’s Journey

Apr 12, '16 / by Susannah Noel posted in HubSpot, Inbound Websites

We all know leads are a good thing. Attract enough leads and give them the answers they’re looking for and you can convert them into a steady stream of delighted customers.

But did you know that your...

How Professional Service Firms Can Build Brand Awareness

Feb 25, '16 / by Susannah Noel posted in Strategy

Building a brand can seem elusive and theoretical for many businesses. This is especially true for professional service firms, who rely less on a visual identity that does, say, an ice cream shop. A...

5 Ways to Delight Your Clients with Custom Content

Feb 23, '16 / by Susannah Noel posted in Strategy

Sometimes marketers put so much emphasis on generating leads and converting customers that we forget about the last phase of the buyer’s journey: retention.